A New Year’s Reflection

Thank you Arjuna Ishaya for the following article, it’s beautiful…
“By God, when you see your beauty you will be the idol of yourself.” – Rumi

Do you realise how wonderful you are? How beautiful and amazing your presence is? It shines like the sun! Not that you do anything to be like this, just you being fully present in yourself is all that is required for your light to sparkle. It’s so wonderful to share either words or silence with you. Yet it’s the weirdest thing to feel that uniqueness, that wholeness that is you and then realise you doubt that who you are is good enough. The words that sometimes come out of your mouth and what I experience is so different, it’s shocking. Good enough for what? Good enough to be here? To live?
Let me tell you what I see. You are perfect. All that you wish to become is there, sitting, waiting for you to realise and accept and love all that you are. It’s all there right now. You don’t need to change, to add or lose any part of yourself. Every desire, interest, love and dislike of yours is part of the gift that you bring to the world. You do not have to know more, heal more, gather anything else to you before your fullness can be appreciated. You are all that you want, already.
For so long we have run in circles looking to do right, looking to please, to become loved by making people happy. We want to become and change and heal. We have become neurotic that something is wrong with us. It’s so terrible because it is absolutely untrue. We are more trained to react to other’s opinions of ourselves than we realise, or would like to admit. We give up our beauty, our uniqueness, our gifts to the world far too easily. We constantly compromise our hearts’ longing, because our dreams, our vision is not good enough, not quite right.
There is only one thing that you have to do, only one thing that will complete you. That is living in constant contact with the truth of your soul. Of your soul! Not your parents or your partners or even Jesus’ or Buddhas’ or Eckhart Tolle’s. Rest fully in the truth of who you are, right now, and walk. Live the life that you love. This is Truth, this is living free as you were meant to be. And the only thing that can stop us experiencing our full potential is doubt – that doubt that who we are right now is not good enough. Not yet, not until we get this knowledge or position, lose this block, are in this relationship. You see that and you are free, you are no longer the monkey on the chain.
The payoffs for even beginning this journey are immense. When you realize how wonderful and complete your presence is, never again will you hurt yourself. Never again will you base your happiness on what happens on the outside. You will be complete, full and satisfied with that simple awareness of yourself. You will find love, joy and gratitude in even the simplest things. Dignity, respect, awe, magic, peace, constant stability are all yours, growing surely as you give your attention back to yourself.
This is the greatest gift you can give the world this Christmas: your Self. You will never buy your presence in a store or on eBay. Nor will you find it in a book. By simply saying an Ascension Attitude, settling into your awareness and bringing the fullest expression of yourself back from the jaws of doubt, the whole world is transformed. Everything of the world, right down to the smallest energetic potential rejoices when you remember because it’s what the world needs – people who have come alive.

Arjuna Ishaya is a teacher of Ascension

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