Your Wish is my Command

Imagine this… every single thing you could ever wish for, you can have!

Boundless energy

(Bit difficult not to have these, seeing as these are what we are already)

Ok so all that, AND all the money anyone could want, health, friends, holidays… the list is endless.

And all anyone has to do for their wish to come true is to THINK about it, IMAGINE it, FEEL it!!

Wow! It’s that simple. If you can think it, you can have it!

It’s all down to one of the natural laws of the universe – the law of attraction. Check out this web site.

2 thoughts on “Your Wish is my Command

  1. Angel

    Probably. So does your experience match your predominant way of thinking? Mostly negative thoughts will create a mostly negative experience. If you are trying to create something in particular for yourself i.e. wealth, you will need to think wealth, imagine yourself as wealthy and have gratitude for your wealth and not have any ‘but I don’t have enough’ thoughts. You need to be pretty focused on what you want.


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