A Philosophy for Fun

Carolyn   13th January 2007   3 Comments on A Philosophy for Fun

Be in Joy in yourself!

Enjoy everything you do, enjoy your surroundings, enjoy your companions. Fill your life with things you enjoy and if there is anything your are doing that you find impossible to enjoy – just stop doing it!

Give yourself permission to do something (or even think something) that will make you smile and give you Joy!

And give yourself permission to imagine your hearts desires coming true.Подаръци

3 thoughts on “A Philosophy for Fun

  1. Andy

    I’ve tried enjoying everything, but failed – and when I can’t do something I stop enjoying it, so now I have to stop trying to enjoy everything!!
    It seems I’m doomed.

  2. Carolyn

    Hi Andy there is always a way to be happy if you really want to be. Have you tried enjoying being gloomy and doomed? If not, try it. I’m sure at some point you’ll realise you’ve got something to laugh about. 🙂


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