Monthly Archives: February 2007

Ways to be Joyful

Carolyn   20th February 2007   6 Comments on Ways to be Joyful

Smile. Don’t take everything so seriously. Think of something you would love to do, then do it! Read a joke book or watch a funny movie. Don’t take yourself too seriously, humans are pretty funny things really. Keep your mind on all the wonderful things in your life, not the bad things. Sing. Make a commitment to yourself to always… Read more »

My New Wings

Carolyn   20th February 2007   2 Comments on My New Wings

Thank you God for my new wings. Wow! these are fantastic – at last I can really fly. My old “Art of Ascension” wings for beginners seemed OK at first, but I never really managed to fly very high with them. (I thought it was my fault for being too heavy or not good enough). But these new “Freedom –… Read more »