My New Wings

Carolyn   20th February 2007   2 Comments on My New Wings

Thank you God for my new wings.

Wow! these are fantastic – at last I can really fly.

My old “Art of Ascension” wings for beginners seemed OK at first, but I never really managed to fly very high with them. (I thought it was my fault for being too heavy or not good enough). But these new “Freedom – for the Pursuit of Joy” wings are amazing!

You just have to choose for joy and away you go, higher and higher and higher.

I recommend them to all aspiring Angels.

And what’s even more amazing is…
They come FREE with every joyful thought you have. Wow!

2 thoughts on “My New Wings

  1. Angel

    Hi Bob! They have always been available, I think it depends on your technique – surface joy gives you a little lift but it takes deep down inner joy to really get you off the ground.

    Lots of love and a big 🙂


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