Ways to be Joyful

Carolyn   20th February 2007   6 Comments on Ways to be Joyful

Don’t take everything so seriously.
Think of something you would love to do, then do it!
Read a joke book or watch a funny movie.
Don’t take yourself too seriously, humans are pretty funny things really.
Keep your mind on all the wonderful things in your life, not the bad things.

Make a commitment to yourself to always be happy, because it really is your choice.

6 thoughts on “Ways to be Joyful

  1. Carolyn

    You are such a funny man Bob and so sweet – it is always your choice to be happy or sad. When you are sad though it sometimes feels impossible to get to ‘happy’ instantly, so you need to take it in stages, one step up the ladder at a time. The first step is always accepting how things are in that moment. Then the next step could be acknowledging the things that you are grateful for.

  2. Stardust

    Hard-wired in childhood to perceive the world as a bitter pill, unloving, frightening, sorrowful, shitty…takes its toll. Much energy spent running away from the electrically bad vibes of the situation. Until the childhood can be accepted unconditionally, no healing can occure. Joy can not be forced. Happiness can not be forced. It must stem from the root, and grow towards the light – if the root is a lie, but perceive as truth, it must be dug up, cleaned of the particles of childhood, then placed gently back in the soil.

    To find the light, to seek salvation, one must not let the untruths cloud the sky. One must prepare to accept their situation, honor life, commence after clearing the way.

    Shedding the old ways, that have proven not to work, is not a simple task. We meld ourselves, co-dependent, fearing loneliness, solitude, a lack of friends, a lack of love. We hole fast to less the perfect because it is all we have.

  3. Carolyn

    Hi Stardust, nice of you to leave a comment and oh so true. Yes we do hold on to the seemingly less than perfect because we THINK it is all we have. It takes real courage to let go of well practiced yet unhelpful ways of being.

  4. Stardust

    We hold fast to less than perfect because sometimes, it’s all we think we have. There, that’s better! Thank you for reply.

    It also takes a real desire to change.
    This, I like, you might have read it already:

    A woman goes learn from a Guru. She is lead to a cave. “Take these books, says her Guru, when you learned everything, you will be happy.”
    Everyday, the Guru came to ask the woman, “Have you learned everything?”
    The woman relied, “No, I have not.”
    Then, the Guru hits her on the head with a stick.
    The Guru comes to the cave for four months, each time, the woman answers the same, and is hit on the head.
    One day, as the Guru is about to hit her on the head, for not learning everything, the woman blocks and grabs the cane from the Guru. She expects to be punished for this, as she believes, because she doesn’t know, she is destined to be hit.
    The Guru laughs and smiles.
    “But I have not learned everything!” exclaims the woman.
    “Ah, you will never learn everything, but have stopped the pain, and therefore healing begins.”


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