Reasons to be Joyful

Apart from the fact that it feels good!

When you are happy you open yourself to a stream of ‘Well-Being’ to flow throughout your body. This stream of Well-Being is the Life Force or Energy that enlivens and animates your cells keeping your body alive and healthy.

When you are sad you close down and cause this stream of Well-Being to be ‘pinched off’. The flow of Energy is inhibited. With less Life Force/Energy flowing to your cells they become less vibrant (the vibrational rate of the atoms of which they are made up of slows down). A slower vibrational rate causes the cells to become more gross/dense and results in the manifestation of disease.

We are vibrational beings – when our cells are vibrating at a high frequency our bodies feel good. A low vibration within our bodies gives a feeling of unease which brings about dis-ease.

So if you want to be healthy, vibrant and youthful…

Be Joyful!

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