Let Go and Let God!

The mind is a tenacious little thinker, grabbing hold of thousands of the thoughts that float around the collective consciousness, amplifying them and making them seem important.
It’s time to let go now though.
To stop identifying with all the nonsense that swims around in our minds.
Hold on to NOTHING, let go, surrender EVERY single thought back to God.
Let Go and Let God!
If you are scared that you won’t function properly without the constant input of your mind, you will be very pleasantly surprised when you give it a go.
When you dare to let go of being the one in control Peace reigns and God sorts everything out.

8 thoughts on “Let Go and Let God!

  1. Arjuna

    Angel! Of course, I remember… I love your blog, tis beautiful. Sounds like you’re doing great : ) see you Arjuna x

  2. Maureen

    I would love to know how to let go… Really! I’ve been so in control of my life that i don’t know how to. And GOD knows I want to…

  3. Carolyn

    Hi Maureen
    It’s a joy to hear that you want to let go and let God take care of your life, that in itself is a huge step that most humans really do not want to take!
    Letting go seems difficult until you begin to understand what you are letting go of and then practice it continuously. Start by letting go of every single thought you have. Each time you realise that your mind is wrapped up in thought, STOP, breathe and know that your thinking is unnecessary. God is far more capable of orchestrating your life than your mind is. The mind is tenacious though, and will grab hold of another thought pretty quick, so don’t beat yourself up for finding yourself lost in thought again so soon after. Always look at the bright side and be grateful for the moment of awareness when you realise you have been lost in thought. That moment of Awareness is God’s Grace upon you. Rejoice in those Gracious moments of Awareness and they will become more frequent.


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