Rest in Peace

Carolyn   31st May 2007   3 Comments on Rest in Peace

People are saying they want Peace on Earth now. Yet they get angry about it, protest for it, argue for it and I suspect will even fight for it and kill for it!

Peace on Earth begins with Peace within. As each individual chooses to be Peaceful within, in total acceptance of what is (trusting in the Love and omnipotence of God) they become a beacon of Peace in the world, bringing Peace to everything around them.

So wonderful Peace seekers, just Rest in Peace within.

3 thoughts on “Rest in Peace

  1. Carolyn

    Thank you Bolders… just breath deeply and relax.. and maybe a little holiday in Richmond will help! 🙂

  2. Bolders

    Well, I am not so sure… holidays there have been a tad stressful at times, and not just because of the fast pace of life…
    I think more Meditation Stones are called for…


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