From Human Being to Love Being

The essence of our ‘being’ is infinite potential energy – All that exists is energy of infinite potential forever expanding. Conscious thought moulds that potential energy into form. With each new ‘thought creation’ the Universe expands. This is one of the natural qualities of this energy – eternal evolution/expansion.

This ‘stage’ of experience – planet Earth, is part of the expansion of consciousness/God/Universe/Self/All That Is. We play our part when we look around us and decide what we want to experience, then joyfully acknowledge and accept these ‘hearts desires’. With this acceptance our Hearts, Being, Soul and Universe expands. (Plus our bodies are enlivened too).

As human beings we progress from being unconscious about our part in the evolution of the Universe to being fully aware of our True Nature and our ability to mould energy into form by the power of thought.

Other than the natural progression of our evolution there is no real purpose for our being – the nature of the Universe/God just ‘Is’ and will continue to ‘Be’ regardless of what we do or don’t do.

However, to be open to and to flow with the evolving upward current of Energy/God Love (our True Nature) feels far more comfortable than resisting it. It also allows Energy to flow through our bodies and help them to thrive. Resistance to what ‘Is’ (our True Nature) pinches off the energy and pain and suffering is experienced.

This is why we are so often encouraged to align with the nature of this Energy/God/Love which can be experienced as LOVE, PEACE, JOY, COMPASSION, GOOD…

So human beings, align with Love – Be Love and love being! 🙂

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