A Simple Meditation Technique

Meditation is about looking inwards, connecting with your True Essence, giving Yourself attention and discovering who you really are.

This technique is beautiful in its simplicity. Firstly make yourself comfortable, sitting down or lying down. Now focus on your physical heart. Whilst your awareness is on your heart feel gratitude/appreciation. It doesn’t matter what you feel appreciation about, however don’t focus on the reason/thoughts that brought about the feeling, just the feeling.

You might notice every now and then that your mind has drifted off into thought, don’t worry about it and think that you can’t do this (this is normal to begin with) just gently bring your attention back to your physical heart and the feeling of appreciation again.

This technique is particularly beautiful because by feeling gratitude you are aligning yourself with your True Essence. Your Natural Vibration and that of Gratitude, Love and Praise are the same and when you choose to feel these feelings your physical vibration comes into harmony with your Soul/ Who You Really Are and bliss is experienced. The more practiced you become at this meditation, the more blissful it becomes.

Sometimes when you first learn to meditate a lot of negative thoughts are released, let that be OK. When you realise that you have been lost in thought just return your attention to your heart and appreciation again.

Remember to be light-hearted about this (as with all things in life) and have fun exploring yourself!

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