Satisfaction Guaranteed

When we are experiencing feelings of satisfaction everything feels good. We are at peace with ourselves and the world. We want for nothing, we need nothing. We breathe deeply and relax in the Well-Being of Life.

We usually feel a sense of satisfaction after we have achieved or acquired something. It lasts for a while then we return to our usual wanting, needing and worrying.

How about choosing for that feeling of satisfaction no matter what.

Every time you have a spare moment, breathe deeply, relax and imagine what it would be like to have achieved and acquired everything you could have wished for. Stay with that feeling and feel the satisfaction.

Do it because it feels good, because it opens you out into your True Self and because it attracts to you all good things of a similar high vibration.

Moreover do it because it will make it more and more obvious that your happiness does not depend on what’s happening around you – that you don’t actually need to change anything around you for your satisfaction to be guaranteed.

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