Believe it or Not

Carolyn   22nd September 2007   4 Comments on Believe it or Not

Most people believe that this physical world is solid and real – well you can see it, hear it, touch it… so therefore it must be real.

Imagine this for a moment – You are on the Star Ship Enterprise and you desire to have a certain experience, so you take yourself to the Holodeck and tell the computer programme what you wish to experience. You step through the doors and immediately you are in a holographically created, physical yet illusory world created specifically for you to experience whatever you wish. Because you are aware that whatever you experience is just a hologram, you will always know in the back of your mind that you don’t have to take it all too seriously. And when you have had enough of the experience you can just ask the computer to end the illusion.

Far fetched though this story line may sound – believe it or not it is closer to our Reality than most people realise.

How would you be if you had an awareness of your physical experiences being an illusion? Would you be more light-hearted, worry less, play more, dream up the most wonderful experiences you could think of and dare to reach for your highest and most expanding ideals?

Whether you believe it or not it doesn’t matter. However, live your life like it is so and you will find Freedom.

4 thoughts on “Believe it or Not

  1. Rod

    Good day Angel, and good to meet up at the Station t’Other day, This particular analogy is very clear, and quite opening, and it allows the Anything is possible thought even more attainable,
    Good site too,
    my best, R


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