Be in Love

Carolyn   26th September 2007   No Comments on Be in Love

If a stranger asked you to be in love with them, you would probably think, “well it doesn’t happen like that, you can’t just magic love out of nowhere, you can’t make love happen for no reason.”

If this is how you think then I’ve got some news for you!

The entire Universe is made up of one thing, it permeates all things and is the space between all things, it is ‘All That Is’ – including you. Science even says this is so. Tune into this Oneness in meditation and you will discover that It is Eternal Love. Love permeates all things, Love is all things – even You!

Ok so how come we don’t feel this Love all the time, if it is what we are and it exists everywhere, all of the time?

One of the things that stands in the way of us experiencing ourselves and everything else as being Love, is our judgements.

When we experience things without judgement Love flows freely. As soon as our minds start to judge, Love is hidden behind those judgements and is not experienced.

When you find yourself falling in Love with someone, it will be because you aren’t judging them, you are just seeing their beauty. When you find it impossible to love someone you can be sure that you are judging them like crazy!

When you realize that you have a choice to judge or to love, then there is just one easy step to being in Love all of the time!

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