A New Year and a Renewed Commitment

As another year begins it feels time to renew my commitment to myself and those around me.

I resolve: to respond to Life in each moment with love and acceptance (and gentleness when I forget).
To see the Light in all humanity and accept their reflection, in love and gratitude, for my correction and growth.
To take full responsibility for the way I perceive others knowing that they only show me accepted and unaccepted aspects of myself.
To imagine only what I want in my experience and surrender my fears to the Light of Conscious Awareness.
To take full responsibility for the decisions I choose to make for myself and allow others to make their own choices.
To honour my path, my way, my heart, my knowing and honour that of those around me.
To trust that I am completely supported spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically by the Lord God of my Being, enabling me to be free to support others.
To remember that I do not need to seek outside myself for anything, just to rest in the Divine Glory within and watch it manifest in Glorious abundance all around me.

Happy New Year world – may it be rewarding and enlightening and filled with Love and magic!

7 thoughts on “A New Year and a Renewed Commitment

  1. Carolyn

    Hi Inquisitive, nice of you to drop in. I’m sure that there is a book called “God gave us only Angels”.

    Recognising the Divine Essence/Angel in yourself and every single soul around you is empowering and humbling, try it for yourself! 🙂

  2. Inquisitive

    I’m sorry, I can’t say I understand completely, but I will keep an eye out for such a book. ^_^ Thank you.

    I’d also like to ask, what does that counter on the right mean? Forgive me, I’m aware that asking questions in the comments section might be inappropriate, but I don’t know where else to post this.

  3. Carolyn

    Don’t worry Inquisitive, ask anything you like.

    The counter is counting down to the date 21st Dec 2012. This date feels like a very special occasion when humanity has the opportunity to be transformed, in an instant, into highly conscious humans, who know without doubt their oneness with God.

    It is mentioned in a previous post on this blog called “Things to Come”.

  4. Inquisitive

    Fascinating. I’ve read about a similar date before, something to do with the Mayan Calendar (or was it Incan? I forget) (=_=)

    I really apologize for hijacking your blog comments to satisfy my curiosity. I’d like to ask more questions, but if its not too much trouble, would it be alright for me to ask through some other means, like chat or email?



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