Sowing the Seeds of Love

In each moment we are reaping the effects of previous thoughts and sowing the seeds for future experiences.

Each thought we have will create a future experience. Negative thoughts create negative experiences. Positive thoughts create positive experiences. In each moment we have the choice to sow seeds (thoughts) of love or negativity. How do you want your future to be? It is in your hands.

The Now has to be accepted. It is NOW and cannot be changed. It cannot be anything other than what it is – so to resist what is, is pointless (and painful). If the Now feels good, rejoice and be grateful – your gratitude will create more positive experiences. If the Now feels unpleasant, accept it – Then find anything you can to be grateful about, or think of someone/something you love.

It is your opportunity to make your life more positive and pleasurable. If you want more peace in your life then think peace, feel peace Now and you will be sowing the seeds for a peaceful future. If you want more love in your life then think loving thoughts, feel loving – sow the seeds of love.

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