The Clay of Life

Carolyn   26th January 2009   3 Comments on The Clay of Life

When you are thinking, you are ‘moulding the clay’ of future experience – shaping your life. 

Your life does not just happen. You are the creator of your experience. Whatever you choose to hold in your mind, is moulded into existence by God/Universal Law. If you are constantly thinking ‘I don’t have enough money,’ then so be it. If you are thinking ‘ I have plenty of money, I am blessed,’ then so be it.

God is not judge saying “I’ll give this person this or this person that.”

God/Law is all lovingly, all powerfully answering every thought/prayer with the corresponding experience.

So think –

Prosperity not poverty

Peace not war

Love not hate…

and mould your Life into what you want and not what you don’t want.

3 thoughts on “The Clay of Life

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