You are Creator

Carolyn   20th April 2010   No Comments on You are Creator

It is said that if the soul leaves the physical world believing that it is the victim of its experience here, it will be drawn back again to unlearn that belief. So how do we unlearn that belief…

Know that you are creator of your experience. Don’t blame others for your experience but be open to understand why you are experiencing it. Recognise that when you are being unloving within there will be an unloving reflection in your experience around you. This is just nature’s way of letting you know what’s going on inside you, it’s not a punishment, just a reminder that something inside needs correcting. The correction will always be to be more loving!

Take full responsibility for your experience – if you are blaming someone or something for your experience you are not taking full responsibility. If you want to understand why you are experiencing something you don’t want, stop pushing the feelings/experience away, stop resisting it and just feel how it feels. Accept all of it – the experience and the feelings it brings up. Then bring love to it – bring love to the hurt inside you and love to the situation. Understanding will then come. And the answer will always be – be more loving!

You are not a victim, you are creator of your experience. Everything in your experience is just a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. Consciously create a better experience by filling your Being with love and loving thoughts. You are the Creator!

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