Carolyn   13th July 2010   5 Comments on Happiness!

It’s what every human wants, we all want to be happy. As a child I remember pulling a wish bone and wishing for happiness. It took many, many years before I realised how I could be happy. I used to think that happiness came from being with the ‘right’ person, having the ‘right’ things or being in the ‘right’ situations. Eventually life taught me that happiness is inside of me and not dependent on anything outside of me.

It appears, mingled with feelings of freedom and gratitude, and comes from letting go of judgments, attachments and controlling. Life is what it is, people and things come and go, situations change – that is the transitory nature of life. It’s our reaction to these things that cause us suffering.

True happiness is a natural state of being waiting to be discovered beneath the layers of mind made judgments, attachments and resistance to what is. The path to happiness is inwards. By being watchful and aware you can detach yourself from the incessant stream of thoughts allowing them to be but not getting involved with them.

They are only thoughts, hundreds of thousands of them vying for your attention like needy little children. Let them be there without getting caught up in them. Sometimes though a thought will seem important and grab your attention and maybe cause emotion. When this happens breathe deeply, it’s still OK. Just feel the emotion, let it be ok and let go of the thought.

Practice this consistently and you will experience that the more you can let go of being attached to your thoughts the more peaceful you feel. The more peaceful you feel inside, the more peaceful your outer experience will be (all of life reflects the inner experience).

As the mind begins to quieten life appears to slow down and you find yourself feeling as if you are resting in a sea of okayness. With this comes the recognition of joy within this new field of awareness.

Happiness is already within you. You don’t need to move house, win the lottery etc. etc. to experience it. You just have to let go a little/lot to let it be revealed.

Incidentally though, once happiness is found within, as natural Law dictates, it is reflected back in ones life experiences with a life that flows with synchronicity, prosperity and all things good.

5 thoughts on “Happiness!

  1. karen borga

    Beautifully written. It is so true when you find inner peace, love radiates from you. The greatest gift you can give anyone, is to love yourself. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen

  2. Lace

    I need angel to guide me! I just can’t let go of judgement and controlling! My kids will be retain from his grade or kick out by the school if he don’t pass the exam this time. I try my best to help him and guide him along but he just don’t listen and can’t concentrate on his study! We are so worry about that and get mad everytime he don’t obey! We try to talk to him and explained to him if he don’t study well he will have a tough time in future and he is just only Grade 13! Please advice!!!!

  3. Carolyn

    Hi Lace, sorry to hear you feel like your life is a bit of a struggle at the moment. To let go of controlling isn’t easy if you don’t Trust in God’s wisdom and compassion. You don’t know the bigger picture, only God does. God is in your son as much as He is in you and all things and each of our pathways is unique, we do not all conform to the socially accepted ideal. Ask God to help you trust in His wisdom – acceptance of ‘what is’ will bring you more peace of mind. And encourage your son to do the things he loves doing and is good at – that will help him feel better about himself. Good luck Lace x


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