The Blame Game

Carolyn   16th September 2010   No Comments on The Blame Game

Blame is what most humans do to avoid feeling and taking responsibility for their emotional pain. Someone does or says something that hits a nerve/a sensitive part within them, but instead of feeling the pain and bringing comfort to it, they divert their attention from it and point their finger at the other person. “It’s all his fault!” they protest and their pain is neglected and left to fester inside them. (This negative energy within will then attract more painful experiences to it (like attracts like).

The choice is ours – ignore the inner pain/hurt by constantly blaming others for how we feel or alternatively, acknowledge it and bring love to it so that it can heal and dissolve.

It takes courage to stop the blame game and be with your own feelings, but it’s a necessary part of the healing process.Идея за подаръкикони

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