Time to Awaken to Truth

Carolyn   18th December 2012   No Comments on Time to Awaken to Truth

In two days time it will be 21.12.12 – the date of the end of the current Mayan calendar. For many years now I have felt that this date holds some significance. I recently learnt that the end of the current Mayan calendar heralds the start of a new calendar and enlightened age. I have long believed that humans are evolving spiritually and are making huge leaps in this direction now. I am excited about our future and if there is one message that I would like to give my loved ones now it would be this…

The purpose of human life is to remember that you are God.

To do this you need to find the Still, Silent space within yourself. Meditation is the quickest way to be aware of the Stillness within. To meditate close your eyes and watch the thoughts move through your mind – with practice you will see that they are not you and are unable to form when you are watching intently. The Stillness then becomes apparent.

The more you practice the more you will become familiar with the Still, Silent Space (God/Self). And all that is not You/Real then starts to fall away – your fears, anger, self-hatred dissolves. You become what you really are – beneath the thin veil of the thoughts/mind/ego you will experience your God nature – unbounded, unconditional Love, absolute Peace and Joy (as is everyone/thing in existence). The goal is to experience this fully.

The more you are willing to discover this Truth (and are prepared to let go of old habits of being) the quicker the process. A valid meditation technique is essential as is your willingness to practice it.

Also practice being that which you want to become – be loving, be joyful and be peaceful. And when that feels difficult be accepting of how things are and ask God for help.

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