My Choice for Comfort and Calm

Inside all of us is a space overflowing with love, peace and joy. Most people don’t know it is there and may only connect with it once in a while by chance. This space is your inner Being, your God Self, and connecting with this space brings absolute comfort and restfulness. It also brings peace and harmony into your life.

To consciously connect with and rest in this space is wholly beneficial to your life, body and well-being… problems just dissolve and life can be lived in absolute joy.

Meditation is the best way to find this space and the most effective meditation I know of is Ascension as taught by the Ishaya Monks of The Bright Path.

Since learning their meditation techniques 15 years ago my life has been transformed and continues to become more and more harmonious and magical.

The way we live our lives is our choice and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to choose now for the inner experience of calm and comfort instead of the chaos that I used to endure.

4 thoughts on “My Choice for Comfort and Calm

  1. Shian

    I love meditating. I am now more aware of my moods and able to control it better. I feel calmer as well.

    There needs to be more awareness on the advantages of meditation because most people think it’s just about relaxing when it really is so much more.

  2. Carolyn Post author

    I totally agree Shian. There’s an inspiring film out called A Mindful Choice that documents the amazing effects that meditation has had on thousands of people, from all walks of life, all over the world. I know that when it was shown in our town it inspired a lot of people to learn.


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