The Year 2020 – Fear

Carolyn   12th September 2020   No Comments on The Year 2020 – Fear

Fear is fear, whether you’re afraid of catching a virus and getting sick, dying, losing loved ones; or afraid of being controlled and losing your freedom. Both scenarios are the same, two sides of the same coin, they’re both about fear.

So let’s deal with the fear of these situations… 

Firstly feel where the fear is within your body and acknowledge it, feel it. Put your attention on how it feels. Now disengage any story in your mind that is associated with this fear. Let it go, ignore it, when a thought arises about it bring your attention back to your body and how it feels.

Doing this every time you notice you are caught up in the story, thoughts which cause you to feel afraid, will eventually dissolve the fear.

When we can acknowledge our fear, the love of our attention dissolves it, revealing our true nature. 

Our true nature is love, is peace, is eternal, is infinite…

And from that perspective you KNOW nothing real about you can be harmed or controlled –  you are eternally free.

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