An Angel Tale of Love

angelNow please don’t think that you are about to read yet another soppy love story. No, this is definitely not a love story, where girl meets boy, they fall desperately in love, experience passion and lust followed by the heartache and pain of jealousy and rejection. No, this is something completely different. This is “a beautiful story of Love” filled with magic and truth. What could possibly be the difference between the two, I hear you ask? Well read on and I will enlighten you…

This tale begins long ago in a land not too dissimilar to where you are now. And in this land of love and beauty, heartache and pain, lived a beautiful princess. Her beauty was legendary amongst the angels and gods, but alas, our dear princess, never one to mix with angels and gods, didn’t hear the wonderful compliments paid to her each day. Instead she would look into her mirror and sigh. She didn’t see her porcelain skin, beautiful, long flowing hair and the depths of love and compassion that poured out from her breath-taking, deep brown eyes. What the princess saw when she looked into her mirror each day was a sad, ugly face staring back at her.

“No one will ever love me, I’m far too ugly to be loved by anyone,” she sighed yet again one sunny, summer’s day. In despair she sat on her windowsill and looked out at the world around her. Deep in thought she barely saw the clear, blue sky stretching to the horizon of houses beyond, or the radiant sunshine glistening on everything it touched, or the collared doves grooming each other on the highest bough of a beautiful, crimson, copper beech tree in her neighbour’s garden. No, all this she missed. What she did see though was the clock on the church tower just down the road. “Oh bother,” she cried, “I’m late!” She quickly struggled into her one size too small, stretch jeans and pulled on a baggy jumper that dwarfed her completely, but served the more important purpose of covering up her (in her mind) oversized backside. (Which was of course, in reality, not big at all). She grabbed her handbag and with a million and one thoughts churning around her head, set off for work.

Work was in a little gift shop in the centre of town. This, though, was no ordinary little gift shop, the moment you walked through the door you felt as if you were stepping into another world. Delicate crystal angels hung down from the ceiling, twinkling at you as they caught the sunlight, and the air was filled with the tinkling sound of wind chimes and the fragrant aroma of incense. The princess loved the sense of peace she felt there and being surrounded by all the beautiful and enchanting little gifts. But what’s more she loved to talk to the amazing array of interesting and friendly people that came into the shop each day.

This day appeared to start just like any other day. Customers came and went. Someone bought a rose quartz crystal necklace as a birthday present for their mother, and someone else was delighted to find a beautiful glass snow scene with a pretty little fairy in it, to add to her collection…

And then it happened; the little bell over the door rang out loud as the door swung open, and there stood the most handsome prince the princess had ever seen. As soon as their eyes met, the rest of the world seemed to disappear. They were completely transfixed, and nothing around them could distract them from staring deeply into the depths of each other’s soul. The handsome prince sat down on the chair next to the princess’ desk and they began to talk. They shared their deepest secrets, pouring out every ounce of their ever-expanding hearts, until the connection between them felt so tangible they could practically see the chords of love stretching between them. Customers came and went. The princess was oblivious to their presence.

Eventually, after many hours, (or was it minutes?) the prince got up to leave. “Oh please don’t go!” cried the princess with a sinking feeling in her heart. The prince gently kissed her on the cheek, and assured her that he would return. Before she knew it, he was gone. As the door closed behind him a little white feather gently floated down to the floor. Now the princess was wise enough to know that a single, small, white feather signifies the presence of an angel. She smiled, but she didn’t hear me whisper gently into her heart, “seeking love on the outside is futile, my dear princess; find it within.”

It didn’t matter that the princess didn’t hear me. I knew she would only when she was ready to. For now though, the princess was in love and nothing else seemed to matter to her any more. She thought about the prince constantly. She realised she hardly knew anything about him, yet it felt like she had known him forever. Her heart sang with delight as she re-lived every moment they had spent together. All she wanted was to be with him again.

The next morning the princess leapt out of bed early, filled with excitement. Would the prince come back to see her today? She picked up her mirror and smiled at the pretty face smiling back at her. As she sat on her windowsill, wistfully watching the world outside, the cooing of two collared doves suddenly caught her attention. She felt uplifted as she watched the playful pair preen each other lovingly. And as she watched them, she noticed a single, small, white feather gently float to the ground. “Oh angels,” the princess sighed, “I feel so wonderful. I wish I could feel like this forever.” Could she sense my presence? Did she really know that I was standing next to her? You never know when someone’s heart is ready to hear, so I spoke to her anyway.

“My dear princess, learn to love yourself unconditionally, if you want to feel like this forever.” Before I had even finished saying these words she had leapt up and was now searching through her cupboards, looking for the prettiest clothes she could find. If the prince was going to return today, she was going to be looking the most beautiful she could for him.

Time in the gift shop seemed endless. Minutes seemed like hours, and hours seemed like days as the princess sat in her long, flowing, floral dress, watching the door. Every time the little bell rang out to announce the arrival of another customer, her heart would skip a beat. Every time another customer walked through the door, her heart would sink. As the day went on she became more and more convinced that the prince was not going to return. Just as she was beginning to slip back into a very familiar space of despair, the door opened.

The princess’s cheeks flushed, as the prince walked towards her. “I – I didn’t think you were going to come,” she stammered, trying to hide her embarrassment. The prince just smiled and gently put his arms around her. As he did, the princess could feel her tension dissolve. She slipped her arms around his waist and felt herself melting into his body. Music began to fill her ears, the most beautiful symphony in creation sang out from her heart, as every cell in her body began to tingle. It was as if each movement they made was choreographed by God Himself. The two of them could have rested in this heavenly, blissful space forever, but unfortunately for them, being in mortal bodies, mortal laws apply. In what seemed like no time at all, the prince had to leave her yet again.

Over the next few weeks the prince came to visit the princess nearly every day. On the days he came, she felt blissfully happy and on the days he didn’t, she felt lost and incomplete. On these days I whispered compassionately into her heart, that until she felt complete within herself, she wouldn’t know what True Love was. I explained that the bliss of True Love wasn’t dependent on what was going on around her, or anyone loving her. It was, therefore constant, unlike the ups and downs and highs and lows of mortal love. And all she had to do was love herself fully to experience this True Love. But, although her heart was gradually opening wider and wider with the wonderful experience of mortal love, my words seemed to drift on past her like clouds in the breeze.

As I said before though, that didn’t matter, she would hear when she was ready to. For now it was just such a delight to see her enjoying life so much more. Because of this wonderful experience of loving another and being loved in return, she had naturally begun to love herself more. She had finally begun to accept the way she looked, and sometimes she even thought that she looked pretty. She had also begun to see the beauty in the world around her, noticing the flowers in the garden and appreciating the wonderful sunsets that brought the long, warm, sunny days to an end.

Then one late summer’s afternoon the inevitable happened. The prince tried to tell her gently, (he hated hurting people) so started by saying, “it’s my Kingdom, it needs me, I have to return. It is my duty as Crown Prince to be there for my people.”

“Then I shall come with you,” insisted the princess. “I love you more than anything, my dearest. I will give up everything to be with you.” The prince began to feel uncomfortable. He could see that he would have to tell her the truth now.

“I’m sorry my dear princess, that won’t be possible, you see… I… I must return to my kingdom alone, to be with the princess that I have promised to marry.” Jealousy stabbed at the princess’ heart, then sadness overcame her, and tears welled up in her eyes and tumbled down her pink cheeks. “I’m so sorry my sweetheart,” whispered the prince with a genuine look of concern on his face. “I do love you very much, I will never forget you.” The princess tried to compose herself and pretend that she was all right. She knew it would be easier for the prince if he thought that she was going to be OK, and besides she hated anyone seeing her upset.

“I will be fine,” she reassured him, as she wiped her eyes and walked him to the door. They hugged for the last time and then the prince was gone. As the door closed behind him, the princess felt as if her heart had been wrenched from her chest. She sank to the floor and sobbed. I surrounded her with love and compassion and continued to see her in her Truth – a beautiful, complete, shining aspect of the Divine.

“Be kind to yourself my dear princess,” I sang into her heart. “You are loved completely and if you will but look within, you will feel the most amazing love ever experienced, just waiting for you to receive it. Let your pain guide you inwards, to that Divine Love that is with you always.” As I said these words the princess looked up towards me and beyond me. I could feel her pain dissolving and a sense of ‘knowing’ dawning inside her. “Everything will be OK,” I whispered.

“Everything will be OK,” she repeated softly with absolute conviction. She smiled and I knew that she had found that space within herself where fear, doubt and pain cannot exist. Where eternal love flows and knows no bounds. She was filled with a profound peace and an absolute acceptance of everything. The energy of the Divine Love that now surged throughout her body, made her every cell vibrate faster and the light within her now shone out brighter than ever. She rose to her feet feeling as if she was light enough to float. She felt taller and somehow bigger than her body, she looked down at her small frame and felt an over whelming sense of awe for the perfection of life.

My heart expanded with joy as I watched the princess. I knew that her life would never be the same again. She now knew that she need never feel unloved again, that she is loved unconditionally always, that she is Love. And although she may not see me with her eyes, or hear me with her ears, she now knows that I and all my fellow angels, are with her and indeed with all mortals, guiding them back into their hearts.

So look deep into your own heart and you will discover the magic of this Truth for yourself. The magic of True Love.

THE ENDикони

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