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The Clay of Life

Carolyn   26th January 2009   3 Comments on The Clay of Life

When you are thinking, you are ‘moulding the clay’ of future experience – shaping your life.¬† Your life does not just happen. You are the creator of your experience. Whatever you choose to hold in your mind, is moulded into existence by God/Universal¬†Law. If you are constantly thinking ‘I don’t have enough money,’ then so be it. If you are… Read more »

Sowing the Seeds of Love

In each moment we are reaping the effects of previous thoughts and sowing the seeds for future experiences. Each thought we have will create a future experience. Negative thoughts create negative experiences. Positive thoughts create positive experiences. In each moment we have the choice to sow seeds (thoughts) of love or negativity. How do you want your future to be?… Read more »

See the Light

Carolyn   19th December 2007   No Comments on See the Light

One of my favourite authors, Paul Ferrini says: “See the Light in others and it is easier to feel good about yourself. See the Light in yourself and it is easier to feel compassion for others.” Wishing the world a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of Love, Light and Joy.

Be in Love

Carolyn   26th September 2007   No Comments on Be in Love

If a stranger asked you to be in love with them, you would probably think, “well it doesn’t happen like that, you can’t just magic love out of nowhere, you can’t make love happen for no reason.” If this is how you think then I’ve got some news for you! The entire Universe is made up of one thing, it… Read more »

Believe it or Not

Carolyn   22nd September 2007   4 Comments on Believe it or Not

Most people believe that this physical world is solid and real – well you can see it, hear it, touch it… so therefore it must be real. Imagine this for a moment – You are on the Star Ship Enterprise and you desire to have a certain experience, so you take yourself to the Holodeck and tell the computer programme… Read more »

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When we are experiencing feelings of satisfaction everything feels good. We are at peace with ourselves and the world. We want for nothing, we need nothing. We breathe deeply and relax in the Well-Being of Life. We usually feel a sense of satisfaction after we have achieved or acquired something. It lasts for a while then we return to our… Read more »