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A Simple Meditation Technique

Meditation is about looking inwards, connecting with your True Essence, giving Yourself attention and discovering who you really are. This technique is beautiful in its simplicity. Firstly make yourself comfortable, sitting down or lying down. Now focus on your physical heart. Whilst your awareness is on your heart feel gratitude/appreciation. It doesn’t matter what you feel appreciation about, however don’t… Read more »

Things to Come

Carolyn   30th July 2007   No Comments on Things to Come

The following piece was sent to me in an email from The Indenders of the Highest Good – It perfectly describes what I have felt within myself for the past ten years, so I thought I’d share it with you. You can call it the Godspark, the 100th Monkey, The Reunion, Critical Mass, or whatever you like, but, regardless… Read more »

From Human Being to Love Being

The essence of our ‘being’ is infinite potential energy – All that exists is energy of infinite potential forever expanding. Conscious thought moulds that potential energy into form. With each new ‘thought creation’ the Universe expands. This is one of the natural qualities of this energy – eternal evolution/expansion. This ‘stage’ of experience – planet Earth, is part of the… Read more »

The Beauty of Meditation

Meditation brings you into yourself and enables you to be aware of and connect with your True Self. Experiencing who you really are is awe-inspiring and life-changing. Knowing that you are Omnipotent, Eternal Love and indescribable Beauty and Joy in all its Fullness AND then just resting in That brings absolute Peace and comfort. The ultimate ‘at-homeness’. Knowing yourself fully… Read more »

Rest in Peace

Carolyn   31st May 2007   3 Comments on Rest in Peace

People are saying they want Peace on Earth now. Yet they get angry about it, protest for it, argue for it and I suspect will even fight for it and kill for it! Peace on Earth begins with Peace within. As each individual chooses to be Peaceful within, in total acceptance of what is (trusting in the Love and omnipotence… Read more »

Loving Me Loving You

There is so much about ourselves that we don’t love – maybe the way we look or the things we say or do. So often though, we don’t acknowledge this dislike of our ourselves and instead project it onto the people around us and say “I don’t like the way he/she looks/behaves.” It’s time now to take responsibility for how… Read more »

Believe it Better

Life is just how you believe it to be. If you believe it to be tough then tough it is! If you believe it to be a doddle, then a doddle it is. Seeing as a belief is just a well-practised thought, you can change your beliefs at any time. Believe Life is exactly as you want it to be,… Read more »

Let Go and Let God!

The mind is a tenacious little thinker, grabbing hold of thousands of the thoughts that float around the collective consciousness, amplifying them and making them seem important. It’s time to let go now though. To stop identifying with all the nonsense that swims around in our minds. Hold on to NOTHING, let go, surrender EVERY single thought back to God…. Read more »