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The Year 2020 – Fear

Carolyn   12th September 2020   No Comments on The Year 2020 – Fear

Fear is fear, whether you’re afraid of catching a virus and getting sick, dying, losing loved ones; or afraid of being controlled and losing your freedom. Both scenarios are the same, two sides of the same coin, they’re both about fear. So let’s deal with the fear of these situations…  Firstly feel where the fear is within your body and… Read more »

Happy New Year!

Carolyn   1st January 2016   No Comments on Happy New Year!

It’s the 1st January 2016, the beginning of a new year, and for me a time for reflection. We wish each other a happy new year, but what does happiness actually mean to each of us? Different things for different people I guess, though, common to most people would be a healthy body. As I woke up this morning, next… Read more »

Imagine this…

Carolyn   29th July 2011   7 Comments on Imagine this…

I haven’t written anything on this blog for quite a while so here goes. Today I have been so aware of our creativity as humans. We so often think that we are the victims of our circumstances but that is so not true! We are the creators of our experience! We get to choose how we feel and how we… Read more »

The Blame Game

Carolyn   16th September 2010   No Comments on The Blame Game

Blame is what most humans do to avoid feeling and taking responsibility for their emotional pain. Someone does or says something that hits a nerve/a sensitive part within them, but instead of feeling the pain and bringing comfort to it, they divert their attention from it and point their finger at the other person. “It’s all his fault!” they protest… Read more »


Carolyn   13th July 2010   5 Comments on Happiness!

It’s what every human wants, we all want to be happy. As a child I remember pulling a wish bone and wishing for happiness. It took many, many years before I realised how I could be happy. I used to think that happiness came from being with the ‘right’ person, having the ‘right’ things or being in the ‘right’ situations…. Read more »

You are Creator

Carolyn   20th April 2010   No Comments on You are Creator

It is said that if the soul leaves the physical world believing that it is the victim of its experience here, it will be drawn back again to unlearn that belief. So how do we unlearn that belief… Know that you are creator of your experience. Don’t blame others for your experience but be open to understand why you are… Read more »