Wakey Wakey!

It’s time to wake up now!

Sorry to disturb you my sleeping beauties but you’ve been asleep far too long. The brambles and weeds have grown thick around your castle and your dreams have grown into fearful nightmares, desperate to wake you from your slumbers. You’ve been dreaming so long you’ve forgotten that you’re just dreaming. The fear and suffering in your nightmares has felt so real you’ve even forgotten who you are.

But don’t despair my sleeping beauty, I am here to remind you who you are. I shall plant a gentle kiss upon your cheek and whisper the Truth softly into your ear.

And then my sweetheart, it is up to you to open your eyes and see for yourself. For you to awaken from your dream and remember who you really are.

The Game of Life

There is actually absolutely nothing I can tell you that you don’t already know, though there might be some things that you may have forgotten. That after all is the nature of the game – to come here to ‘playground planet Earth’ and play at forgetting who we really are. To play at being limited and small. To experience all there is to experience in this beautifully created world of density and form.

And we have all done just that. We have been the male and the female; the old and the young; the poor and the rich; the victim and the victimised; and we have done it until we don’t need to do it any more.

You might not remember doing all these things but that’s ok – you don’t need to remember. All you need to know now, is that it’s time to stop playing the game, dreaming the dream. It’s time to remember who you really are! It’s time to wake up now!

We are entering a new phase of experience – of Being. Everyone, like it or not, is included. You can try to resist these changes that are beginning to happen to humanity if you like, but resistance to anything never feels comfortable. So you might as well go with the flow and open your eyes and watch humanity morph back into unlimited Beings.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

As cute, hairy, little caterpillars we’ve crawled across the leaves and munched away happily without questioning a thing. That time is over now for most of us. We’ve become fed up with crawling on our bellies and digesting the same old boring leaves year after year, lifetime after lifetime. We want more from life and we have started to ask questions like “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “What’s this all about?”

Good questions!

So take a leaf out of the little caterpillar’s book. Follow his lead and he’ll show you where to get the answers to your questions. Be like the caterpillar as he morphs into his next stage of being. Because you won’t find the answers to these questions outside yourself. Others will only be able to give you their theories and their concepts and beliefs. If you really want to know and experience who you are and what you are doing here, then look inside yourself.

Be like the caterpillar as he changes from grub to chrysalis. Bring all your attention inwards, seek nothing from outside of you, such as belief systems and opinions of others, turn inwards and know yourself inside out. Watch how you think and how you feel. Watch how you react to the outside world. Watch yourself and accept yourself exactly as you are. Then watch yourself morph into your True Self and like the caterpillar you will eventually find that you have wings! Beautiful wings. Wings with which you can fly free from the limits and constraints you have put upon yourself in your human body.

Fly little Angel, FLY!

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